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It's Okay to Say Merry Christmas
administrator | November 23, 2012 17:17

This email is going to all existing registered blog users. If you are no longer using your blog please email us your username and blog title and we will delete your account.
We will also be deleting inactive accounts. Inactive accounts are accounts that do not have a post in the last 30 days, or only have two posts.

As you know ChristianBlogsites only charges $5 a year for use of blog site. Most of you end up only paying $5 for several years. Plus some of you were users before we charged fees.
The fees we charge have never covered our cost to provide this blog service.  (More)  #

What About Halloween?
administrator | October 26, 2012 18:33
As a Christian what do you think about Halloween? Is it just an innocent holiday? Is it OK for Christians to celebrate Halloween? Is there anything evil about Halloween?

I am sure Christians have different viewpoints about Halloween. The question I have for Christians is how did you come up with your perspective on Halloween? Was it based upon how you were raised? Was it based upon feelings and emotions? Or was it based upon biblical principles. Does Halloween promote a positive, uplifting environment or an environment that encourages evil? Does the secular concept of Halloween glorify God?

Unless a person is sheltered from society, it is obvious that much of Halloween is focused on violence, death, horror, gore, fear, occult.
If a person says these themes are just for fun, they certainly have bought into a lie. How can a Christian say that the promoting of evil is fun? (More)  #

ATTN: Bloggers
administrator | November 29, 2011 21:24

Delete Inactive Blogs

It is time for us once again to delete unused blogs. This means we need to delete all inactive blogs. Blogs are considered inactive when they do not have more than one posting or they have not been used in the last 30 days. We permanently delete inactive blogs-this means they cannot be restored.


So, if you only have one posting in your blog, or you have not  posted on your blog in the last 30 days you need to post an article in your blog within the next 48 hours to prevent your blog from being permanently deleted.


Blog Features

We have a variety of blog features that several blog users are not using. Some of these features are:

Categories-Sort your blog posts according to categories
Links-Create links to your favorite web sites.

Crystal Poll Surveys-Create surveys for your blogs
Personal Avatar-Remove the CBS avatar and replace with your own avatar/image.

Gravatar-Associate an image to your email address. When commenting on other blogs your image will show up.


Go to the following links to learn how to implement these and other features.



Be sure and update your blog if you want to keep it. Let us know if you would like us to permanently delete your blog.


CBS Blog Users-Use the 'More' link
administrator | November 19, 2011 09:40

If you are a blog owner, we have a suggestion for you.

When you write an article get in the habit of using the  'More' link. Also known as the 'Split page' link. When writing an article it is the icon on the far right that looks like a split page. After about 2-3 paragraphs you should insert the 'more' link. The reason for doing this is that you will then be able to have several article previews on your home page. If you don't do this your home page will very long and hard for people to see the various articles on your site.

If you use the 'more' link then when someone goes to your blog, in the center section they will see short previews to your posts. If one seems of interest they can click the more link.

 (More)  # Templates Edited
administrator | November 14, 2011 09:21

We have added the It's okay to say Merry Christmas button ad to the bottom of all templates. If you have a blog with ad you do not want the ad on your blog, we can provide you a blog template that does not have the ad. The cost is a one time fee of $10. If you would an ad-free template, go to the following link. Be sure when you place your order to enter your blog username and blog title.

As a reminder the purpose for the button ad is to hep raise funds for Fairhaven House and There is Hope Radio. Two ministries that help individuals who are struggling with addictions. All net profits from button sales go directly to the ministry. None of the staff of these ministries receives a salary. (More)  #

ATTN: ChristianBlogSites Blog Owners-Critical Post
administrator | November 13, 2011 08:31

This is for all blog owners.

It has been the policy of (CBS) to not have annoying ads on blog sites. We do not sell ad space to any organization. (For most 'free' blog sites, ads are the means to be able to offer free blog sites.)
Until 2009 we did not charge for blogs. For new subscribers I charge an annual fee of $5 a year. However most subscribers continue their blogs without paying the $5 annual fee. Thus, annual fees do not cover CBS expenses. (More)  #

Help Support Fairhaven House and There is Hope Radio-Merry Christmas
administrator | November 11, 2011 04:19

Fairhaven House is a non-profit, faith-based, low income housing and discipleship program for those who are recovering from a variety of addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography). Along with providing low income housing Fairhaven House helps individuals to work through the issues that lead them to their addiction.

There is Hope Radio is an outreach of Fairhaven House. There is Hope Radio is a live talk show that discusses addiction & recovery. Through its live talk show format that is heard in the Seattle region, via the Internet, and over 125 podcasts, thousands of people are being presented the message that there is a way out of addiction.

You can help support these ministries by making a donation at the Fairhaven House/There is Hope online store.

 (More)  #

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